Clash of Kings in mid-late development

Clash of Kings in mid-late development considerations to share Clash of Kings Wood and Food, players most of the players are all civilians, that is only a small part of the local tyrants players in the Clash of Kings. Civilian players in the game development is difficult, so civilians player in the game development to have what kind of considerations, let's go to know it.

The strength of the Clash of Kings in the game, players are generally not very strong, even if the end is also unable to and local tyrants want to match, in the middle and the strength of the local tyrants players raise up, in order to better development in the game, players, then will take civilians to gain more resources and better development itself, this is bad news for ordinary players, so what should pay attention to in this period of civilian players at the time of development?

In this period, the Clash of Kings player wants to better development, and then continuously of, so that players more troops and local tyrants players want to attack we will think about it. In addition our resources are kept under 10m, this resource is local tyrants player does so we will be safe.

The other in the Clash of Kings, players must not be in the kill soldiers out, because that it is easy to be confirmed as the goal, will lose a lot of strength. The last player if want safe farming, or away from the middle kingdom, in the central kingdom's development is best, while the resource will be a lot less wins in the safe.

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