Bns gold's jianyuan into the expansion

On December 16, bns gold of South Korea's server update new version - the jianyuan into the expansion, the pit dad travel, (oh no) is a great journey. Mainly tells the story of bns gold hong door hand residual plot the master for daughter (fog) qin custody of the girls, chasing after the big bosom sister Julia travelled all the way and was beaten sparse inside hua's story. This have no matter to go to play, it is her, or a girl ~ control cannot extricate oneself.

Well, is the new 20 floors wu god tower, the wind the chengguan zheng zheng, small farmer uncle Liu Liu, murder, arson, rob a bank, playing mahjong (fog) marauding teh stolen xiang-yang su. God was merciless caught wu tower when the security guard.This is precisely after they are laid off for livelihood, or was forced to grasp come in (papapa) wu god father? But when it comes to xiang-yang su, don't look at him with a pair of bns gold black thick, all sons and daughters Su Linglong on traveling himself was a virgin.

Opinion before long, the clothes of the players to start a new wu tower trip god, don't know the new boss old virgin is xiang-yang su (oh no), after the customs clearance will be what kind of reward, but before that the clothing you ye don't worry, let's look at South Korea's friend (bangzi) the arms of bns gold god there are 20 floors in the tower of live.

Here we have to mention the sword spirit of bns gold villain to: artillery LAN switching to destroy selling gem, dong ba rerouted to sail when crossing, qin rerouted to escort girl as a daughter (fog), god also took to the rambling now xiang-yang su wu (temple) road to tower guards.

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