Experience of the jungle with Guild Wars 2 Gold

Subversion level 3D magic blood online masterpiece "guild wars 2" the first expansion "Final battle Wallace kumar" officially launched today, Michael kumar jungle world finally opened a mysterious veil. Players can through the website to download the latest client, and from this day, in addition to the official website mall and Tmall flagship store, players can also be in the game in the mall to buy Guild Wars 2 Gold the expansion and the lion CDKEY. Have bought and activate the expansion CDKEY player, after 10:00 a.m. today can experience to a whole new world!

Since at the beginning of the conference, "guild wars 2" the first expansion again let many players at home and abroad.Now officially land the clothes, the expansion is not only the continuation of the game has been striking visual effects, frank blood feelings of combat, unique epic plot against mechanism and innovation, will also be presented to the players with new content is the most perfect experience of the jungle with Guild Wars 2 Gold. In addition to the vast new maps, and disruptive new professional spirit practitioners, freeboard difficulty 10 people a copy of the team, specialization system and new mode PVP battle fort new gameplay, such as continuation of the guild wars 2 has been subversive innovation concept.

To celebrate the expansion, "guild wars 2" the major joint live platform in online games broadcast every day before and after the expansion, welcome old and new players to watch."Guild Wars 2 Gold" the clothes at the same time competition also to today's blockbuster open! The tournament will adopt a new information film fortress model map, the official start of the registration today. This is a festival of the clothes all PVP players, all players can experience the most comfortable athletic team. Skills gorgeous, advances an organic whole, there is no limit to the level, glyphs balance equipment, a variety of professional collocation of Guild Wars 2 Gold, to create infinite possibility!

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