A set of Age of wushu Taels suction eye features

A set of Age of wushu Taels suction eye features in the martial arts clothing, from all walks of life will cause concern and courtesy, the same Age of wushu Taels dress also by different accessories collocation, to create the most personal style gorgeous dress, also add color and more fun for the boring arena journey! "In addition to" human resource configurations have the most beautiful in the world scene, a new year will lead the aesthetics upsurge in disguise, not just stiff fighting martial arts game, more people-oriented, each character will become a game player to really incarnate, depict the most beautiful scenery in the world human resource.

System accessories for cloak ornaments on emphasis on the overall decoration, dress ornament decoration, form charming touch effect! He Suixin first released Age of wushu Taels version contains the veils, cloak, ornaments and decorative back waist accessories, now led the game player to enter the world of martial arts, blind people to brisk accessories!

Martial arts heroes or family will need to make a living away from home, a handsome, graceful bearing has handsome flowers cloak, to show perfect heroism, the Age of wushu Taels new system introduced different ornaments cloak of color, style and personality of the totem cloak, with handsome charming or different visual effects, to meet the different needs of the knight!

The hidden world of the knight in order to hide the identity, eliminating unnecessary provocation and competition, or to add a mysterious temperament, for if there seems to be no flattering impression, with a mask or face veil half walk. Personalized new decorated surface, not romantic, fox launched as the common people, a dream of Age of wushu Taels multiple styles, showing the most unique Knight style.

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