Curry's capacity in NBA 2K16 MT Coins has increased

Several days ago, NBA 2K16 MT Coins official account to twitter wrote "Stephen Curry now in NBA2K16 value has increased to 96, leading the league. He is the only one in dynasty mode to diamond level of players."

NBA 2K16 MT Coins launch in September 29.Starting from August NBA 2K16 MT Coins company is in the order from low to high reporting ability value, top 10 finally announced on September 23, more than 90 points, in turn, is lebron James (93) (94), database, Anthony Davis (92), James harden (92), Kevin durant (91) and Chris Paul (90).Although Arsenal last season won the MVP and championship two high honor, but at least at this point in the heart of game designers, emperor still stands James active first.

So far, however, performance "of god" compared to last year's MVP season to the next level.Five games before kick-off, Stephen Curry is averaging 35.8 points 5 rebounds and 5.8 assists, 5.8 steals and scored 5.6 three-point shots, rate team won five straight, 2 k16 emergency on November 6, putting their Stephen Curry capacity up to 94, and huang tied for first in the league with James.

Stephen Curry rising rapidly in NBA 2K16 MT Coins recent years, in the last 2 k15 his initial capacity value is only 89, then because of the outstanding performance was promoted to 90, and James's initial capacity value is as high as 98, but was then cut to 96.Go on for a year, James in 2 k14 value as a terrorist 99, Stephen Curry is only 88.This year is "little emperors" a quarter turn 30, had fallen to his physical fitness, impact, and Stephen Curry both in personal technology, psychological maturity and team reached its peak, today's league first, well-deserved should be Stephen Curry.

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