Game Guides For Aura Kingdom - Source And Upgrading mode

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Below talking about some experience about the source system/upgrading

Source God System: Source God, just baby, unlimited number, but only three quickly summoned and interactive bars, if died but unlimited summon, so it is enpugh to cultivate 3 source gods. Each source god has three skills, grow to one star, two star, there is strong plus properties, it is also very important to selected source god with the occupational characteristics. Adam, Eve, horses, dragon candle natal source is God, must be selected when creating a character a 4 selected can not be replaced. Adam, Pegasus is melee, candle dragon remote Eve with recovery skills, when carefully selected. Follow-up mission to send the source of God, or other good-looking and practical need to open the box or do activities Mall collection. It is worth saying that the task sent Val Jili there against injury by 30% with a recovery BUFF skills, a star being critical strike damage bonus reduced by 50%, worth cultivating.

Upgrading mode: upgrade depends mainly on the main quest, the experience of copy, there is a copy of the number of restrictions, plus the number of props mall, a copy of the same type plus up to three times a day. Due to the number of copies of the mainline level requirements and restrictions often occur card grades phenomenon. A brief pre-leveling points: in the economic conditions permit, buy seven days membership of experience in mall +25%, +25% experience an origin of the equipment. After the birth has been the role of the main line, the main line of the brush card master copy of the highest level he can enter, brush the buying experience of senior experience in the mall card +20%; dimensional hierarchical task segment, a segment level once a day, fast leveling day to catch up with several levels segment level to do. Remember Association plus, plus experience; bulletin board mission to contribute experience and guild day can only do five times, the last time at the card level or do. Some blue exclamation point on the map as well as the daily tasks, Lord of the main card and then do it. Because the main line on those, done gone, so the task is not to let the experience of the various tasks and copy number can be repeated at 6am reset, reset the volume and use shopping experience a copy of the card.


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