Compare And Choose "Path" In WildStar

In WildStar, each character can choose a Path before creating, currently the Path is divided into 4 kinds: Explorer, Scientist, Settler, Soldier.

Each path direction has different characteristics, but unfortunately we can only choose one, buy wildstar powerleveling to help you do the best choice.

Explorer Skills

Explorer skills are personal skills, it can be said that it is for players who like to explore the game alone, these skills will allow you to go where other players can not go, watch the other players can not see the scenery, and the task of the path is very challenging, you need to try on a variety of jumps to complete the task, you will need to spend more time completing a task than any other path, but also more fun. But Air Brakes this skill allows you to show some ability in the field PVP and PVE, such as you are being killed by a player, there is a wall in the front, you can easily jump over, players can only give up. For another example, you are hunted to the edge of a cliff, you can easily use this skill to defuse fall injury, if the enemy also jumped, must be death.

Scientist Skills

HolographicDistraction, if you are being chased, ran into monster group with this skill, then you can make monsters behind you to attack your enemies, then you kill each other in the back, declare that i didn't escape, is a policy!

Create Portal-Capital City this skill can help you quickly return to the main city, it is a very handy skill, because in the WildStar, use the skills back to the city is no way to return to their home for you.

Summon Group is a very cool skill, if you and your teammates are on the same large map, you can easily put everyone together, for example in the field you met a very strong boss, you can not solo alonr, so you shouted, "God, give me a few friends!" believe in God, he will fulfill your desire.

Settler Skills

Settler is the only path has four skills, is it unfair?

Settler skills can only show a slogan: the world is my home!

With these skills, you can easily sell your own items in the wild or in the copy, want to get the mail, get rare materials to make the equipment, call a production platform for you to use. Even more jealous in some wild camp, you can also build the bank, and various other buff addition, in which build the bank would bring a very serious impact in the banking monopoly in the main city, if you continue to use, may will be wanted, because you are undocumented!

Soldier Skills

Soldier? whren heard the name, feel it is like born to fight, and the fact that is true, but unfortunately can not use all the skills in pvp, but in pve it is still very awesome.

Back into the Fray, whether you are as a tank or dps, use this skill in time, is your second life, I think, it is fine if this skill can be automatically released.

Bail Out! Battlefield attack nirvana, a person secretly went behind enemy positions and then summon up all his teammates, only once 40 people, not greedy, do what you want to do.

Combat Supply Drop this skill is born for combat, weapons optional package has a variety of skills, including injury, dizziness, etc., the only regret is that it has the time limit after equipped with these skills, the same with buff.

Well, which one do you choose?


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