WildStar Auction House Detailed Introduction

WildStar auction house has finally become simple to use after UI2.0 update, here we take a look at some of the features of the auction house . The auction house is divided into two parts, one is the equipment auction house, the other is material auction house, first we take a look at the equipment auction.

Equipment auction has equipment selection classification area; search custom equipment name; select the sort, you can sort by a variety of options prices, grade, and quality; screening, where you can screening according to your own equipment needs, such as your equipment level, the main attributes needed, quality of equipment and the number of coins you can afford, very convenient; in-game items can be taken to auction approach to make a purchase, you can bid here, after the close of the auction, if your bid is the highest, then you will get the goods.

On the left select the items you want to sell or equipment, then enter the minimum price and a price, click LIst Item can be posted to the auction house.

But now each item is retained in the auction for the two days, and will charge some fee.

Below is the price of same item in the auction, you can refer to pricing.

Each role can sell up to 25 items simultaneously.

Here is the introductory of material auction

Auction material is very distinctive, you can publish buying in the auction house, let's look at the process:

Open Create Buy Order, you can filter out the material you want to buy, and then select the desired purchase quantity, unit price, and then click to create orders.

When you submit an order, other players sell the materials you need at Sell Now interface and sale prices in line with the requirements of your order, you can get this material up.

In Sell Now interface, will show the current material that you can sell, and each material has a Current Price, here is the current material has been released buying orders, and the show the highest price, if you click Sell Now, the material will successfully sold immediately and get back gold via mail.

Here you can also increase the price of goods, so that the material will enter your sell list until someone buy and you will get WildStar Gold.

Also in the WildStar, all the transactions in the auction house are needed wildstar gold as commission charge, but face to face transaction, can save this cost.


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