WildStar Housing System Introduced

First, I need to say that you reach level 14 to activate housing system at the main city, here we begin to introduce some things about housing system.

After enters your room system, you will see a large open space, you can build any building you like on this piece of open space, planting plants, trees, the building's interior and exterior renovation, change your sky, invite your friends to visit, put forward a BBQ on the ground, what joyful thing!

1. Landscape Enhancements

At present stage, each player can only have seven large buildings, click on the current location, you can use the building appearing in the middle, on the right is the preview of the building.

Each building has its own size limits, such as a house, must be 2*2 Plot.

Here is something that can be built in different areas:

2*2 Plot: House, spaceship

1*2 Plot: some architectural features of each map in game, such as snow cotton tree, these buildings often do not have other capabilities, only simple viewing.

1*1 Plot: functional buildings, such as BBQ, production units, Dance Revolution, vegetable, raid portal, and so on.

Most of the building will require specific FABKit, and these tools can only be dropped by monsters or task to get, and very rare, if have favorate building kits, do not sell to store.

2. Upgrade System

Here you can decorate the exterior of your house system, including upgrading the appearance, the changes in the weather and so on. In it you can buy some of the existing house decorative items with wildstar gold, in which you can select items, right-click the floor or wall to decorate and preview, if you feel good, then click Purchase, items will appear in the Crate, click "Buy", the item will exist in the place of your current location.

3. Crate

Here appears your existing house decorative items, you can choose items for deletion, or right click to the ground or wall to decorate.

In addition, some of the items also have some of the buff, when you decorate your house, you can check them. Some special decorative items usually appear in the copy, and WildStar Gold and Renown which need to be used in purchase these decorative items, can be quickly gotten in the copy, in short, you want the system to engage in their own house neat then, quickly to join in copy games.


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