Recruits "Idiot" Guides about Tibia

This is a characteristic of having a French game, RPG type games with the characteristics of space technology. Korea RPG games played all know, per level, we must add a skill points. The interstellar home completely not so much trouble, you can just practice a skill, or doing an all-around person, all the skills training.

Registering an account is very easy, but in the password, password protection should be carefully considered, in particular see the wind from the sky changed "security number" stickers. Note that we need a real card number, if you are under 16 years of age, no identity, you can ask for identity cards to parents at home on account of the use of,If you need value-added services, you need to buy Tibia Online Gold Cheap.

Welcome to Boot Camp. Comprehensive 50 before, where you have to do some simple things, such as familiar with the game interface, and some of the recruits to do things. Of course, it is a relatively liberal policy, you do not have all day to do those annoying tactical course those hard military training or on.

After arriving in boot camp, you should follow the system prompts to do it step by step. Later he came to the hall, you want to ask recruits Equipment (free of charge) Quartermaster. You can open the "backpack" in the Control Panel, or press "CTRL + D" (recommend the latter), look at your equipment. Backpack can store 40 items - any item, not the size of the problem, should be equal. And there is no neutral question, casually put, how love how put put, but remember: the more the more dangerous by the edge of the article, as to why wait for the next say.

Opening the "equipment" in the Control Panel, then there are two boxes - backpacks and equipment. You have two ways to equip accord: The "drag and drop method," or right-click, click "installed." You can also equipped with two kinds of tanks or energy cannon, it can not be installed on one or more of the special equipment. Go see it? Outside is a "wild zone", you may be destroyed at any time. Press the arrow tips and prompted walking, there is not much to say. On the ground if there are three consecutive green arrows, across from here to another area. After a comprehensive 50 when you can leave. Of course, I do not recommend it. As much as possible ore dug point, multi-point level and then go out to practice, after all, boot camp as a paradise of peace.

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