"Archeage" Black Science And Technology

August 6, reshape RPG imagination as "archeage" will open the test does not delete files. Semi sandbox characteristics, "archeage" in a traditional MMORPG unparalleled high degree of freedom. Seamless World, receiving three continents, everywhere is surprise eggs. Housing is no longer stereotyped pie face, "archeage" called 3D HD version of "My World", can give full play to creativity DIY home town.

Unlimited pinching ship black science and technology

In the MMORPG in the traditional sense, the vessel can sail mostly on the sea or in the form of water fight, but in the "archeage", the player can remove more vessels, re-combinations of these materials, which formed into a huge "Black Pearl", driving it ride the ocean.

Endless exploration black science and technology

In the "archeage", the player can landing logging, covering the construction of the island room, you can become archeage gold seller, you can also upgrade up weeding experience, but also fishing, hang gliding travel around the island, in the process, full of endless exploration. Sandboxes based on free play, these islands will not have shown over the game map, players need their own discovery.

Boundless world black science and technology

Plane from the other games in the single to "archeage" in the three-dimensional, rich and varied, players can build houses according to their preferences, and set up house after full personalization features, but also be able to forever change the world map. Thus, in the game to form a boundless world, seamless world.

It carries so much imagination and black science and technology, and many players may think: "archeage" enormous client must, in fact, through constant upgrading, "archeage" client has been upgraded from 20G to 8.7G.

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