Final Fantasy 14 Skills: Level 24 Dungeon for Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak

Final Fantasy 14, once introduced, is popular to the majority of game players. Some players obsess with the dungeon skills of level level 24 and want to find methods to solve the problem. Personally, cheap ffxiv gil can benefit you a lot, not only in this part but for more missions and challenges in the following steps. Now I'd like to share my experience here for you.

Firstly, clear up monsters on the way and collect Magitek Photocells falling from vanquished monsters. Four Magitek Photocells are required to activate each of the first two BOSS. Later there will be a fork, either side of which shall go through. You'd better overmaster both roads to get 100% map and achievement experience.

On the way to the final BOSS battle, you will encounter things like cocoons. Stay back and remove them with ranged damage skills, or you will get hurt by poison they blow up when attacked. Draught places appear on the way. Players forehand will get "sucked" in front and road behind might be disconnected by sticky webs. So Healer and DPS pay attention not to be in front of MT when running.

BOSS Battle 1:

In this battle, just fight the same as usual and pay little attention to poison that BOSS frequently casts.

BOSS Battle 2:

Method is the same as above. Besides, small enemies will frequently appear with deceleration damage and hypnotic harm.

Final BOSS battle:

There are a lot of things like cocoons around. Clean up them as soon as possible or small enemies will hatch. When it prompts "Tail Molts", poisonous marsh will appear on the ground and a new target-tails will separated from BOSS. Successfully destroy tails so that new poison swamps will not appear later.

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