Aion Focus Guard for Two Years to Deal with the Occupation Battle

1. Battle ruler, hands top shield eating buffer, so that the opponent can not catch you can not lie to you to lift, let the other side hit you, and then shield against violent gas together (to prevent the capture of other shocks), courage shield, Double Air co trans.pts capture the output of, see each other and determine the status and situation jinseki continue output or cut back the shield, such as the inability or the other in silence what is blind, chasing play, if not, in exchange for a shield. The other party to continue to play a shield against when you first open the courage to again shield against shield, sword and stand Macerata capture, Kata impact, so he does not come out on the opening songs of life. As for the impact of lifting your own, it is best to wait until his own blood about one-fifth less when in use, with early to later be charged, used a balanced attack to wait for the re-start, otherwise you start early others put you balanced worn you're done.

2. killing star: This job is more sharp, because of their occupation restraint reason to kill the star guard played very bad fight, fight to kill the star guard is mostly strong second stream, but because he consumed. How about you fight to kill the star is certainly open to you dizzy or short-selling, direct impact of lifting, balancing, (he would have avoided the flat cut broken) shield against, capture, lifting not to take songs of life, because you're likely again short-selling, shield against shocks lie to him, he was dizzy is not a stealth maneuver, capture can control him. And then ran down the top shield, open a few dozen gas combined capture and then cut back to shield his halo, and then down ah God horse to kill the star lift and state consume basically a big problem.

3. Magic: The career play, the more, if you installed the lower end, the lower end of the direct card broken shield killed. I generally do not install the lower end, hands are gas combined offensive and spiritual damage, assault knife, broke to capture the output shield, did not break on the close ruined recapture, I have retractable, so close easier. Because I have anti-magic sets, so sometimes directly open up the line and blocked, no brain Dagon keyboard, Magic often despised.

Finally, talking about the guardian of the few skills, unable to believe that nirvana without saying, but the courage to shield far as I know many people do not like to use, but have to say this is a nirvana, particularly when playing guard, 200 Hit is very important, 20% of attacks are the equivalent of a stingy together. There trans.pts, this is also a lot of people do not, in fact, additional damage is good, to ensure that the other party can not fight back when opening an increase in output, such as the other party in the capture, blindness, and other states.If you want to get better equipment and skills you need to buy cheap aion kinah.

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