"FIFA 15" New Features In Detail


More than 600 kinds of emotions appear in the game, the players will have a major scene appeared in court to respond, for example Chanqiang mistakes, missed opportunities and so on. The players will have teammates and opponents generate views or feelings.

Dynamic presentation

Game will be custom behavior, which means that the fans cheering is based on a specific club or national production. The game's commentator will mention the reaction of the fans. Caddy animation, bench players and vivid LED screen will appear in the game. You will also see 10 people together to celebrate after scoring scenes!

Team tactics

In "FIFA 15" in your teammates and opponents will be reorganized in the game style of play according to the situation, to compete for the initiative. Swing coach, grabbed spit, drag the time - you need to overcome. You can see the AI ​​use when behind the long-ball style of play Bash the restricted area, or is leading the ball to the corner flag with a delay time.

Real visual effects

With a new rendering technology. In "FIFA 15" you can observe the players face many of the details,You can see the flowing hair and facial expressions. New personalization modeling allows you to distinguish visually from the players is thin, strong.Boots will leave footprints. As the time of retirement, the turf surface will leave the battle scene. Footprints, grass debris and sliding tackles mark will appear.

Dexterity, ball control and precision-guided

You can now avoid the defender lightweight entanglement,You can consume a large amount of cheap FIFA 15 coins, using the world's top football skills. Mobile players real, effective, ability to maintain balance has improved. The ball's trajectory will change "FIFA 15" the competition process. You can see the spinning ball to draw an arc, like precision-guided find the target. Dribbling, passing, ball physics when stopping and blocking a shot have been strengthened.

One singled out

In "FIFA 15", the fighting spread to the audience, players will be more fully utilized and the closing down of the body to fight and keep the ball.The new actions brought against the motion and fell to the ground is not the same feeling. The new technology allows the production of shirt pulling can see.

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