The Guides of Developing Assassin

The Assassin is known as one of the oldest profession, but also designed to kill people. They have hands and arms of the strongest physical attack power, dodge the strongest rate, attack skills poisonous properties, coupled with high vitality behind Knight, and can use a bow and arrow, if the property with the dark dagger, almost You can fight the enemy monsters of all properties! Plus let the enemy can not see and can not take the attack camouflage, and sonic throwing batter instant nirvana, etc., are attached to the assassin in this profession extremely seductive charm If you need better equipment, you need Ragnarok zeny.

The Assassin of Ragnarok also be a popular career, not only has a cool and beautiful appearance, but also a variety of occupational distribution point is also very appealing. Assassin can be divided into the speed of sound mind, three gorgeous assassin, assassin recommended sonic point with SVD, such is the traditional type of sonic assassin, with high attack, anti-strike capability, so high universality, PVP, GVG apply. Mind Assassin: SIVD, the advantage is the soul soul assassin seismic disregard UB, and has high lethality, PVP, GVG apply. Gorgeous Assassin: SAD: This is the most primitive assa ssin addition, with high attack and evade, GVG is gorgeous gorgeous killer called assassin.

Thieves transfer conditions of JOB10:After the exit to the north-west border of the city are a dream Luoke enter inside the pyramid in the north-west, to the pyramids in the Thieves Guild hole find thieves union and apply for transfer of service personnel to become thieves, complete the transfer test mission returns the union to find service personnel mine Boyd to office.

Assassin transfer conditions of JOB40:To dream Luoke assassin south west union, union staff, to find the assassin office. Recommended initial leveling Location: new palyers transferred into 1-15 after Assassin: on points near the left point in Kyrgyzstan, 16-35:in zombie hole in one layer, 35 more than in two layers, three layers, and soon went to job40, and then they can transfer into the assassin, assassin weapons requirements are relatively high.

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