My BBC Assassin

As we all know, the price is outrageous sanctuary doors impress, which requires the equipment is not good news assassin! Now I will talk about my upgrade path for everyone to share it.

I chose the BBC Assassin, like the feeling of crit, and processing skills plus point is not to say that many of my friends have said, well, I mainly talk about my leveling locations and routes.Because there is no money, so I have no good equipment,If you want to get better equipment, you need to buy Buy Ragnarok Online EU zeny, but I still reach the second turn within five days, maybe some people do not believe that what I have anti-fatigue system (when the original application No. I do not know how confused), may I was so out of practice!

Well, startde by Xinshoucun RBI casual thing, once upping a few levels to come out, to dream Locke (because I do not like the atmosphere of the game, free to choose their own leveling, and who had never set over the team), and beat chicks earth glass, think it is almost back to beat Popoli and locusts near the capital, midway also played a few hours mocha and Toucan, this has been able to more than 30 levels, now more trouble, go to Payon Dalang? people too many are also calling on people to get a count of Qiangguai (now people are rich, shouting sky speaker) at this time I chose to fight wild boar, although the trouble, but no one told you to grab, I think Yes, there is a good choice to play earthworm, when I finally rushed on the second turn on when playing earthworm map (upper inaugural assassin goes) the success, of course,turning JOB40,there is no need to waiting until 50, perhaps the sorcerer 50 will simply point, we assassin this time is enough.

In summary, I leveling Location: Dream Locke, grasshoppers, wild boar, mocha, toucan, earthworms, in fact, I think this is the way for a melee attack leveling career.

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