Final Fantasy 14 Skills: Level 50 Dungeon for Tunnel Riots

Even though the request for equipment level is only 48, it is relatively difficult for four players to play the game at this level. You'd better not vanquish enemies frequently just for equipment here. Final Fantasy XIV Gil might be a better choice for you.

Little enemies on the road is not a problem. When the stones are on the way, just let MT fight with enemies backwards and other players focus on conquering the stones.Three BOSS Battle method will be introduced below.

BOSS Battle 1:

In this part the space is very narrow. BOSS, at set intervals, would throw out fire balls and make the bridge a fire area causing sustained damage. MT try to pull BOSS to the area not on fire and DPS firstly wipe out small enemies from the other side of the bridge and then kill the BOSS. Slime with not much HP can be easily deal with. As it pains the two Minotaurs hit, let MT do with them. Pay attention to the Bomb Monster. It will explode once stepping into the fire area, causing the whole group game over. If DPS is insufficient, let Healer take part in the battle with Bomb Monster.

BOSS Battle 2:

BOSS here is of not special BUFF. However it has much HP. MT distracts BOSS's attention, other players try to carry bombs to the foot of BOSS. Take care when the bombs explode. It is of high damage to both BOSS and players. Pay attention to escape from spontaneous detonation of Bomb Monsters as well as clean up Crystal Monsters in the meanwhile.

MT just keep distant from teammates and try to let the BOSS not face to his teammates. Or BOSS will attack in a straight line, causing serious damage to teammates of the same line with BOSS-MT.

It is normal that BOSS will occasionally stare at other team mates. Black rabbit will appear after Stone Boss died. Kill the rabbit as soon as possible or the Bomb Monster nearby will explode spontaneously.

Final BOSS battle:

In the final BOSS battle, Boss will attack both for a circular range of its own and a distant circular range of aimed DPS. Try to escape from attacks, especially the latter which is hard to dodge and will cause deceleration. Healer try to heal deceleration here. Afterwards, BOSS will use roaring attack, cause damage to the whole team. Try best fight against BOSS with tun interruption skills. During resistance problem, roaring attack could not be constantly interrupted in a short time.

Not long after the battle begins Sandworm appears. It brings hurt when getting nearby. Try to kill BOSS in the center area(You can also kill BOSS in the rocky area outside if the perspective and hiding skills is OK to you).

Every period of time there will be a tip"Sandworm is looking for food". Let other teammates survey crystallization stone nearby and carry it to the sand for Sandworm. If Sandworm is not fed, it will agitate and get the players involved in the center area, causing serious damage. Take care not to be harmed by the crystallization stone. Or it will explode and release moving state, causing a certain range of damage as well.

Minotaurs will repeatedly appear to attack players moving crystallization stones in the battle. Deal with them as soon as possible.

Due to the limited number of crystallization stones, do best to fight against BOSS and reduce its HP before stones being eaten up. Or insufficient DPS and sand agitation will also get the players involved in the center area in the latter battle, causing the whole group game over.

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