The Elder Scroll Main Task: SOVNGARDE

Task guide

1: sovngarde meet with Aboriginal, and lead the role to the castle entrance after talking with him. A gatekeeper: Tsun, defeating him into the castle. Throughout the process, we need a lot of ESO Gold.

2: Finding three heroes on the Elder Scrolls after conversation when come to the castle, telling them ALDUIN is back, and in here.And go out with three heroes. use the Clear Skies clear in front of fog, a total of three times, after the ALDUIN appears.

3: Use the Dragonrend roar down the dragon ALDUIN, attention that dragon roar use, do not let it fly up; then is chop it. Flightless dragon in a group of people under siege soon died.

4: Back after conversation with Tsun on you learned the new dragon roar, came to paarthurnax, told him the dragon ALDUIN have been killed. Save the world from destruction, Dragon fly away; as in the ancient world in newborn dragon, the role has a lot of time to explore and change the world.

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