Lineage II Skills: Level up Faster from 1 to 40

Lineage II is a game with more beautiful visual effects, interesting illusion, new awakening careers and cool equipment. Players here shall encounter more challenging BOSS and intense PVP combat. Now I have some suggestions to share with you, hope you can level faster and easier in Lineage II.

After skimming the game guidance for freshman, let's start our leveling journey. Lineage2 Adena would make your gaming trip more interesting.

In the first stage from level 1 to 20, start with your first task NPC Tainan Pan. Go out of the museum and find Tyor Le to continue the game. Go downstairs to the new teacher of NPC. Don't forget to adopt the pet Kun. It will later help you to vanquish enemies more efficiently. Hit scarecrow in the basic training field and get potion from NPC Gallint. Then find NPC XieNan who will ask you to equip with daimon eggs and kill a wolf later.

Accomplishing all the missions can you make a transfer in the Administration and successfully level up to 20 degree. It takes you only 10 minutes if not get lost.

In the second stage from 20-40 level, here come the real adventures!

Get the main task in Gludio Town. You can find Head of Security in the town and activate your energy, opening experience package up to 30%. Enter Desire World where you can firstly challenge single dungeon(level from 18 to 28). During the dungeon NPC mercenaries help you overcome BOSS easily. Just choose what you need from the floors of equipment treasures at D degree.

Player of the game levels up to 34 after ending up the dungeon. The later leveling process needs awakening soul's companion. Transfer to Dean Town via transporter,then to Tower Cluma and later move to the 3rd ground floor via transporter Carle. Go down straight and turn left(or right). Enter the room and wait until the soul is of good state, being able to fight with enemies.

This is just a little part of what will be coming with Lineage II, keep an eye out for more news and a release here!

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