Practical Analysis of Tibia Online

Tibia has been fully operational in the United States and Europe for 15 years, is regarded as one of the oldest games continue to maintain growth in the number, this game has more than 300,000 international customers, most of these players are free Tibia Online Gold Cheap and pay just over 10 million user mark Currently.

Tibia is currently just the rise of a network game, but the real reasons for the rise, but also from the United States serving rs web games, due to the period of time a large number of game studios do batch rs game, leading rs prices have been declining, combined with official a large number of titles, and the studio is no effective prevention and control measures, so that fewer and fewer studios Tibia Gold, unable to continue normal operations, when it is suffering no new projects, Tibia game came into the studio under the eyes, and efforts have been put into operation of this game. Since this game is currently in the country still belongs to blank Tibia through google search and other relevant information on only one or two tibia game Chinese nets, and can not meet the studio for the relevant Chinese data this game access to information. Some of receipt by the site survey, Tibia game of receipt price 1.6 yuan 1000Tibia Gold, the price in the current market, the top few games, and because the operation is not much this game studio, currently in a single basic Sold Out.

1: various restrictions Tibia game makes it difficult to start with, and studio technology level is generally not high, it is difficult to develop their own technology Raiders.

2: Tibia Chinese game data network with few resources and almost no studio willing to share their game play Raiders.

3: Tibia game has 74 zones, and does not support interworking between the region , so this is a problem faced by the studio. After the first contact of the few studios to find out about this game, really domestic operations, and has successfully developed Tibia guides are few, and this news very tight blockade, only to learn this game every day for each machine in net profit more than 200 yuan, the profit in the country is almost no game can be the enemy, so that the market has great potential, and a high gold content for this game, who can operate in a short time, who would groan pot of gold.

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