The New Gamers of Guides Tibia in Detail

Entering the game, you can choose a game character modeling, there are people, hunters, knights and mages styling, Buy Tibia Gold will have more choices. In Tibia world, modeling is a very important part, a large number of people and a lot of tasks dress tasks necessary items, so some items while not use value but may also buy a lot of Tibia Gold. New character point of birth is a temple, NPC.Cipfried was a priest, can you add the blood (when your health bar red when approached him, enter "hi", he will be able to add some life to your value).

Going north out of the temple, the left is TOM store (acquisition mouse body, 2 Tibia Gold), the right is the shop (sale of weapons and equipment, etc). Do not worry Shaguai upgrade, now you can do two very simple tasks (Doublet Quest and Rapier Quest), take a piece of clothing and weapons defense a good point 2. Go north of that piece TOM house, under the basement to kill a mouse, pick up their corpses sold to TOM, then TOM will say that a large section of it, it does not matter, directly back to the basement to get Doublet armor, then, get Rapier Sword Bar (Rapier Quest) First enter sewers little careful novice Island, this place may be five or six mice. Open house box, you will find a sword, ok, you can now upgrade kill rats until 4. Free players can choose the sewer.

The pay players can go zone kill rats, Buy Tibia Online Gold purchase with basic equipment and leather pants, Wooden Shield, shovel (to dig) 50 Tibia Gold spend money to buy a rope, to do the upgrade to Mine Hell cave ready. Some caves have to use a rope up and down. Tibia Gold can rest in the bank, so as not to hang up by others to pick up the bank in the library basement.

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