Details about the New System AION

The new version of the Aion launch of the "Antelixia awakening" version to the beginning of assembly, sublimation, the main line of attack and expedition, not only open a new PVP map, but also increased the number of intimate content. New breakthrough system, as the main line of the "attack" chapter, has become the focus of attention of the players.

The configuration of the top equipment, has been the dream of players. The new version of the release, the only break ups by strengthening property limitations, "Antelixia awakening" in the added function of props break ever. Successful breakthrough of equipment, you can break out the highest stage of strengthening unlimited strengthened, so that the equipment has more room for improvement,in order to better play equipment skills you need to buy Aion Kinah currently.

Equipment in general strengthen the breakthrough before, you can use all strengthen the stone to strengthen. But after the break only continue to strengthen with the "strengthening the lord god of stone," and strengthen the level of no upper limit, the basis of property and equipment will improve after the break. Strengthen the process after the break, if the failure to strengthen, strengthen the level of equipment will drop back to break the previous maximum enhancement levels, rather than the other game equipment straight away. General strengthening can only enhance the basic ability value. But after the break the equipment continue to strengthen, not only to enhance the basic ability value, but also in the enhancement reached 20, giving special skills and increase the number of package.

Weapon skills include purification, reply, Rush, punishment, displaying speed, rebirth, hit, heal, shock resistance and other aspects of strengthening, when equipped on the weapon, skill window will appear to strengthen the skills, the skill to add the shortcut bar, It can be used. When releasing the weapon, you can not use skills. Each time weaponry, a 15 second cooldown.

There are Youhu armor skills, shelter and grace categories. And protect and shelter performance in the attack and were being attacked, a certain probability to increase the capacity, or the ability to reduce other. Grace is manifested in the ability to increase their resident. Players should note that after the armor and equipment, the effect is applied immediately; but lifted the armor, the result will also be released.

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