Neverwinter Skills: First Chapter for Antidote

Now that having been trained and examined in the College District, players are equipped with basic knowledge and skills. There comes to be more missions and challenges in the following steps. Ready to learn more game skills or just take a shortcut with astral diamonds neverwinter instead?

Have a conversation with Fenthick, knowing that attack to the College District have not only destroyed the plan for extracting plague cure. The new recruit students were almost injured or even died. Nurse next to you has a suspicion that Helm came in time soon after the plague. Go north to Justice Hall, where Aribeth asks you to look for the four magical creatures and bring them back. It is a very valuable source of information about the plague. She will give you an important item: call stone. When you're in danger during exploring, the stone would immediately send you back to the Tyr monastery nearby.

Go out of Justice Hall to the city core. Guardian Halion introduces you the detail area distribution of Neverwinter. City core is the only relatively safe district. Other four districts: Peninsula(direction of city core from west to south), Beggar's Nest(direction of city core from east to south), Blacklake(direction of city core from east to north), Docks(direction of city core from west to north) are all in chaos. Your mission is to look for the four magic creatures in the upper four districts. Each time after seeking out a magic creature, go back to Aribeth for the next clue.

With Arubeth's advice, go the Trade of Blade in the first place to hire a lansquenet. As the occupation of the author is a wizard, choose the Half-Orc called Daelan, who will fight with you to the end. Carefully keep the pledge he gives to you. It is the only thing can you call him back from the local monastery of Tyr after his death......

Couldn’t be more excited to release challenging dungeons for game Neverwinter. If you have some more dungeon strategies, be sure to let us know on the customer reviews.

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