Final Fantasy 14 Skills: Level 32 Dungeon for Blake Foloax Camp

There are some teammates that have not yet turned into senior grade in the level 32 dungeon. T here have lower equipment and defense capability. MP Healer and DPS are also not enough. So it is more difficult for the four players firstly come to this level. Be careful not to be hypnotized and try to escape abnormal state. As OT frequently occurs, do not vanquish monsters at the same time. Final Fantasy XIV Gil is also good for you!

BOSS battle 1:

Small monsters appears at random here and they attack players with paralysis, petrochemical effect. So let MT vanquish monsters first or the number might mount. Healer, because of healing OT, is more likely to be killed by small monsters. Slowly cleaning up small monsters leads to less MP of Healer and the whole group gaming over.

On the way to the second BOSS, let MT clean up enemies around Goblin earlier or Goblin might be killed. After rescuing Goblin off the cage, gain a chest in which there are kinds of equipment.

BOSS battle 2:

Lizard monsters appear all through the BOSS battle 2. Try to kill them in the first place. If there is a player with hypnotic career, just hypnotize the BOSS after vanquish the small monsters. You can also make pet of T type deal with small monsters if there is the call or occult. Neither hypnotic career nor the call/occult, let MT wipe out the enemies as soon as possible.

After NPC appears, it will drop bombs on the BOSS, randomly transiting the attack target from BOSS to a teammate. The teammate shall wait until BOSS is killed by other teammates.

BOSS battle 3:

In this battle bubbles will randomly trap a teammate.Break the bubbles quickly or the players trapped are unable to act. Before the BOSS dies, the Dragon appears. Leave when a part of the HP is destroyed.

Final BOSS battle:

Keep away from the circular jet miasma in the final battle. Get rid of the superimposed DOT. And be equipped with antidote when early encountering the BOSS. Lower DPS and insufficient Healer MP will lead the whole game over.

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