Elsword New Gamer Quick Upgrade Guide

Rule 1: Go into channel consistent of the rank

Into the line where the range of their level, will receive an additional rewarding experience channels. For example, before into the 11 level ,in MAGIC 1, MAGIC 2, MAGIC 3, MAGIC 4 will receive bonus Channel experience.

Rule 2: essential supplies HP Potion

For starters, HP potions is essential to the leveling process . When the players enter the game they will find, have sell syrup MP NPC, but not sale of HP potions NPC. So, how to get HP syrup has become everyone's problem. Actually, get HP potions are three ways: 1, by completing tasks NPC, 2, manufacturing cuisine 3, players purchase.This is need to buy Elsword Gold.

Synthetic food, medicine, special items (such as the title) of such items in the towns of "The Alchemist" Department.

"The Alchemist" icon on the map as "red reagent bottle."

And "The Alchemist" dialog, select the "manufacturing."

Food material can be hit in the copy (the effect of food: increase HP and MP).

Rule 3: Professional suitcase

In addition to the necessary supplies, It is necessary have a good starter kit for us . At the same time hit a copy, there will be many different types of equipment falling, which package is the most powerful. The player as long as has the production of materials to be able to make an equipment they want! (Materials and equipment will drop in the copy)

Equipment manufacturing, equipment upgrades and other functions go to the weapon shop owner at the towns.

"Weapon shop owner" icon on the map as "little silver sword."

After the "weapon shop owner" dialog, select the [manufacturing].

We have plenty of supplies, coupled with a strong suit, with the team looking for some playmates take a copy! I believe we can easily tear down the monsters in attack with magnificent skills upgrading is definitely not a difficult task!

Rule 4: The task must be done

Just set up the trumpet, the task must be done, dialogue → complete the task, to rise to 2 level. This is called a win at the starting line.

The next task should take, give a title, easy access, suitable for beginners.

Rule 5: a copy of the score as high as possible clearance

The higher the score, the more the additional experience gained.

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