Neverwinter Skills: Prelude of the Battle

On the west coast of Faerun, Neverwinter, the game center of the story, spread a terrible mysterious plague. In order to find a cure, Lord Nasher's deputy, Ranger Aribeth appealed to selected citizens for skills training, enhancing abilities to cope with the crisis. Players, as members of them, are ready face the "graduation examination" after a period of learning. This is the game's background and starting point. Battle becomes more interesting with astral diamonds neverwinter.

Make the acquaintance of the city profile and get to know some basic methods of game operation from instructors, Pavel and Bim, in the hall. After the door to the College District, few guilders, one by one, teach players other further knowledge such as the relevant professional guidance, combat training and magic skills. Actual operations are required to do at the same time. One the way remember to take things out of the box(It is a customary rule in RPG). Guards at the end of the corridor will not let you go through unless all the training being finished.

In the auditorium, Aribeth will congratulate for your graduation. Before his words ended, a group of assassins would suddenly appear in the lobby. Vanquish them and follow Aribeth's request to protect four magic creatures from Waterdeep in the stable. It is said that one can extract cures for the plague from the magic creatures. Go back to the College District and kill enemies appeared with pet that called out. Turn east(more enemies will be vanquished if go back to the previous training room) from the entrance and go through the double-pages doorway and long corridor,you can obtain reinforcements from instructor Pavel in the lateral room.

Find an old man called Geldar, who will teach you how to upgrade. Afterwards, kill the enemies along the narrow corridor and participate the battle in the stable. Then talk with Fenthick and Desther, knowing that four magic creatures have been released by attackers. It is obviously a deliberate attack, hoping Neverwinter not get the cure. It seems that Desther is sent here by Helm to help Neverwiner.

Actually Fenthnick, Aribeth' lover, is the real investigating magistrate in the whole plague. He will ask you to go to the Hall of Justice for assignment. Go to Hall of Justice by yourself, owing to Pavel's fear of future and departure.

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