A Good Place For Get Money To New Players In The Early In Guild Wars 2

This time I will tell you about a place to get guild wars 2 gold for new gamers! For many new players, the level is not very important in the early , because the battlefield will correct everyone's level to 80, but the the gold is very valuable. If you feel running in the map is very tired, here it is definitely a good place to upgrade and earning money! Our aim is easy, simple, and make more money.

This place is blessed Queen Valley City, LV.1 to 5. The BOSS's strength is not very strong here, more than 10 people just can complete it totally. The premise is that you need to have your own team can only be a good upgrade and money. Guild Wars 2 is really unable to move without a team, even the farm and upgrading is a problem, let alone make money. Games association is the preferred team after everyone into the game.
The second place is the position which we brush hide the task of 2 teleport and three events, the order is 1 → 2 → 3. Note that the order of three points, it will do more with less time. This is our first location, Ravine legend points. Around this location there are three events that can trigger, but we want to go to the point close to 2 BOSS event. Remember this place, or the time to visit again, to make money and upgrade efficiency is not so good.

You can see the approximate route. Although some "Rugged Mountain Path" feeling, but it's still very clear on the map. The cave triggered Runestone, will trigger this BOSS. Group a good team to be hit BOSS, will soon fall in our gang fights. One person, then it is better to stay away.

After this position brush the BOSS, there is a businessman here. Clean up the backpack, and then finish up to the next point. Phoenix Teleport, next is another BOSS refresh point. We can see this tree, with a group of offensive skill will be able to hit the tree to trigger the BOSS. And there will be triggered world BOSS!

This time is triggered the world BOSS, but unfortunately I did not succeed to kill, and we can only look forward to cooperate together. Here will drop the bag and backpack 5 squares. The high level again to open the bag, 5 cell pack directly press O to throw it to auction. Always brush here can also get many gold!

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