The Oldest Tibia Online Has 50 million Players in 18 Years Later

Tell you if there is such a game, its history and "Ultima Online " is as old, but there are still 500,000 players, would you believe it?

Some people may think this is a very fantasy, impossible. But it does exist, it is the 1997 launch of the "Tibia", a mixed-PVE and PVP play, super low-key but still attract thousands of players so an online game. Initially, "Tibia" just a student works, in 1997, it jumped into the MMO game has not yet been developed in this area, the "doggy" position to swim out of their worth. Today, it has become one of the few still active in the 1990s games. Has been ruled in 3D gaming world, it still stubbornly persisted 2D. Sounds unbelievable? Believe me, on "Tibia" interesting no only that, let's begin at the beginning.

Several students at the University of Regensburg in January 7, 1997, will be dubbed "Tibia" online games on-line. The first player to appear in the game a few days, the students did not give up the game gradually began to slowly gathered some adventurous players. With "Tibia" steady growth of the number of players, game developers are aware of small server can not support their needs. So in 1998, they built a bigger server at the University of Passau, Germany, the game code is rewritten. Improved "Tibia" launched a new beta in 1999, and soon, the number of players increased to 150.

Since then, CipSoft studio and "Tibia" started. The company has only four founders, growth in 2006 to 30 in 2001, and now they have 70 employees. "Tibia" grades are better, now it has 72 servers, which attracted hundreds of thousands of fixed players registered accounts reached 1.3 million. According to "Tibia" official website statistics, to date, there are over 500,000 players into the game. In addition ,Many players recharge Tibia Online Gold, making the game more competitive.

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