Neverwinter Skills:Beginning of Game Information

After creation of three years, the game Neverwinter came out. It is a free-to-play game, which pushes fantasy RPG to a new height,with the integration of 3D technology, the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons, open game idea of network, great single player campaign...... The background of the single-player game comes from a fantastic story.While leading to the northern Icefield, the Neverwinter suffered a queer and deadly plague strik, game players, shall deal with frequent-appeared hardshiips, are ordered to investigate and prevent comeback attempt from the ancient and evil race. With neverwinter astral diamonds, the game will be easier.

Beginning of game:

In the beginning of the game, besides the introduction of the story background, varieties of basic skills are to be shown. Common operstion keys will be listed at the end of the article. Moreover, it is also necessary to focus on the shortcuts setting .At the bottom of the screen, ,there are 12 boxes, in which different kinds of contents are set, such as magic, weaponry (including bottles), special actions (such as stealth, detection), teammates' instructions (such as follow, stand, attack),etc. Furthermoreand, with the use of Shift and CTRL, the number of shortcuts boxes will be added to 36(12*3) to the most. Some dungeon masters don't allow suspension mechanism in their own scene, so players had better get accustomed to mastering the operation methods so as to easily participate online adventure later. For example, set up the first column special actions, the second column instructions to teamates, the three column different weapons to attack, the fourth column magic attacks to single enemy, the fifth column theurgies of widely range attack and so forth.

Common Operation Keys

Point Keyboards are for viewing different directions.

Page Up Keyboard is for vertical perspective

Page Down Keyboard is for level perspective

Space Keyboard is for suspension

I Keyboard is for bags

M Keyboard is for map

J Keyboard is for log

O Keyboard is for game options menu

B Keyboard is for magic book

R Keyboard is for rest

H Keyboard is for game full screen

V Keyboard is for quick chat command

P Keyboard is for player list

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