Warrior PVE property analyzes

This article describes the "gw2" fighter for the civilian of the feature configuration, you do not spend a lot of golds, and they can ensure high output.

Equipment: mix PTV and PPF , towards pure PPF road ahead, feel the current resident crit is too low, the output can not see, personally recommend warrior PVE or pure PPF glass cannon, after all, a copy of the difficulty in general, can only be pursued play fast.

Weapons wear: currently often with weapons ax hammer + big sword, a longbow in backpack (None favorite rifle, so with a bow), BOSS melee only specific output was completely unable to come up with longbow, such as fire element.

Rune Weapon: big swords with the handover of weapons and the damage +3 layer Vaillant + 5%, 7% crit ax, a hammer is time + 20% armor, because poorer, may not be the best match runes But this relatively common people, not expensive, but also more practical.

Equip Rune: Recommended super power, but too expensive, now with super rage, the general effect, the poor can not afford . so we need buy more gw2 gold .

Characteristic points: 65003, pure output characteristic point, point to switch weapons reduction CD.

Optional skills:the blood is passive back , strength banners, suffering patience,endurance heraldic, heraldry elite. (Which will bring suffering patience, endurance heraldic banners and often change).

And said output means, the basic is 2,4 and no brains ax 6 for 1, 2 cut big sword, sword no brain 2 for 1, cut ax F1, then loop continuously.

Equipment is not good, or mix orange PTV and PPF, under the ax a full crit damage is probably the 2000 * 5 + 4000, F1 harm 8000-1W, set between 2 large sword 1W8-2W2, feeling great sword 2 output It is still relatively high, so do not give up big sword.

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