Final Fantasy 14 Skills:Level 50 Main Dungeon for the Peripheral City,South Fort

Since the internal structure,which in the main dungeon for 8 players, is relatively large, players are given more time here.Be careful not to be lost. Facing more enemies and higher attacks, 8 players with relatively high DPS are able to deal with. Had better organize a group to defend the enemies. Moreover,cheap ffxiv gil here is also a good choice!

Never trigger traps alone while fighting. Some traps will lead the whole group into full animation, and role at that time can not be controlled. Being not able to add energy in the animation will definitely lead the game out.


MT is responsible for defending the BOSS, and ST for mixed weapons.DPS firstly clean mixed weapons and then beat the BOSS.If there are black magics, try to mesmerize mixed weapons. Never run alone blindly since OT shall get close to T to help you out of trouble.


More mixed weapons will be here. Take it easy .MT is still responsible for defending the BOSS, and ST for mixed weapons. DPS still clean mixed weapons first and then beat the boss.

On the way to the third BOSS, there will be some artilleries. Remember to get all the enemies be near to the muzzle, so that teammates's guns can quickly wipe them out.Be careful separating the enemy's attack from the artillery, or it will be destroyed.


After cleaning the weapon waves, enemy Boss will frequently appear. MT is to pull BOSS to the corner, back to the teammates. During the time,the boss will expand significantly reduce its damage buff, and a few waves of mixed weapons will appear. ST try to gather enemies and DPS firstly clean out the mixed weapons and then the BOSS. After all the BOSS die,pick up the keys on the ground, and then back to the entrance with "return" skills.

PS: If you encounter BOSS substantial reduction of injury and BOSS does not disappear BUG, teammates get together again to defend.

After back to the entrance, choose another road.Rows of iron giants stand there after operating authorities to open the door. Just leave them alone and go upstairs on the left side. Clear up mixed weapons on the second floor and then open the operation. Jump to the opposite second floor to clear out mixed weapons there.In the end a teammate of one T pull a iron giant to get his teammates, so as to operate the cannon as soon as possible to blow up the sky, and then destroy the two iron giant.

The one half part of the war to the Final BOSS :

There is a row of artilleries on both sides. Besides mechanical claw will automatically carry shells to the gun to fill with ammunition. Slow the filling speed,but it is still the most effective means to output BOSS. You will find that the boss is harder to defend.Moreover, MT just temporarily pull boss hatredrelying on provocation. Boss will follow the person once he operates the artillery to shoot the boss.Luckily, the boss injury is relatively low, so the one being chased can consciously stand to empty place and keep boss's destroy range from the gun. Meanwhile some mixed weapons are there. T try to pull out hatred so that DPS can deal with others. Pay attention to protect the fort.

The other half part of the war to the Final BOSS :

During the war, try to avoid varieties of attacks from the BOSS. Three waves of mixed weapons are to be cleared up. ST gather the enemies and DPS take the priority to kill them. BOSS will command all the weapons to attack one game player, so try to avoid the Healer if poosible. If the DPS is not sufficient,get the iron giant after kill it. DPS clean out other weapons as soon as possible, and then help ST defend iron giant. If the number of DPS is enough, leave the iron giants alone and set all fires to BOSS on the line.

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