Star Wars' Basics For New Players

Star Wars games are all have more freshness, exquisite images, rich game content and other characteristics for novice players. But novice players will have to concentrate on the development of their planet.

Open the game interface, the first is a little complicated in detail novice task prompt. Whether you are a novice or veteran web games, I recommend that you have patience and follow the prompts to do the task again. After all, this game is somewhat different.

First is that the game's resources:

Resources divided into two categories: 1. Ordinary resources - that is, strong steel; 2 senior resources, advanced resource is divided into cornerstone, crystal, nuclear, Stardust four... Each base has a solid steel, and four senior resources, according to the development direction of your choice into the game, before you open the sub-base, only one mine for you. Moreover, after scientific and technological research to only be mined.

Use strong steel is varied. Upgrade resource fields, construction and upgrading of buildings, production of various types of arms ...... Therefore, steel mining firm as a top priority must be to pay attention.

Four senior resources, the cornerstone of a major upgrade of the building material. However, demand is not as strong as steel so perverted.

Crystal is a science and technology research and development and upgrading of major tech building materials, pre-demand small.

Stardust is an important material for the production of various types of arms, the same, the early demand is small.

It is worth mentioning that the nuclear energy. Demand for nuclear power is not too much, at least not as strong demand for steel as urgent. But it is very important. Nuclear power related to the adequacy of your base. And adequate electricity, related to the development of the population. Insufficient power supply, the population will be lost.

Mine upgrade resources to spend hard steel, but not time-consuming, is instantaneous. Mineral resources can be shared by your neighbors in your planet together upgrades. Each level will be able to mine more resources stationed several miners.

Another resource: Gold. Gold is a free citizen generated inside the base. Each free citizen produces 3 coins per hour. Miners do not produce gold. Scientists not only produce gold coins, and each scientist to consume six coins per we need to buy swtor credits.

Next talk to several basic building:

Parliamentary Relations to the population cap. As long as you're online, as long as resources permit, to constantly upgrade it.

Technology Centre is the scientific and technological research and development department. Per liter, more than four scientists will be able to stay. These scientists tirelessly for you to produce "research points" consumption studies point to upgrade the various technologies. Technology upgrade only to a certain extent, the follow-up of some of the advanced architecture and enabled to open.

Warehouse, needless to say. Warehouse and part of the "safe space" that is, the space will not be plundered. This security upgrade warehouse space will be as automatically increase.

Hero Hotel. Heroes can be divided into Grey - Green - Blue - Orange - Purple - red six of them. The higher the level of the hotel, the more the number of single refresh the hero, the hero appears the greater the chance of a high level, the number of heroes you can also hire more. Hotels hero every day 0:00 to refresh. At the same time, you can also use the "Star Gem" at any time to refresh the hero, into "Jobs Announcement" - "prepared a trifle" - "even hired" three grades.

Nuclear power plants. Each level of nuclear power plants, 10 more workers can stay, you will also be able to provide more abundant electricity. Nuclear power plants to consume "nuclear" resource.

Palace. The rating is a prerequisite to the palace you open sub-base. But not the only condition. For example,when to open up the third base (that is, the second sub-base), in addition to the requirements of the palace two, and to ask you to achieve "Knights Templar" in the title. But the description of the palace did not mention this point, which is "not clear and accurate description of the building," the problem of the article mentioned at the beginning. I just believe in the legend of the palace buildings, the palace rose catch two, but found still not able to open points. You know, the palace costly and time-consuming upgrades are enormous. The wrong time to grasp, it is easy to drag your overall development. Corresponding with the palace, in the sub-base, called the Governor's Mansion. Governor can inhibit the sub-base of corruption, reduce power consumption.

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