Tia Malan castle upgrade Raiders three hours to 65

Tiamat Castle (60 to enter) turn right at the third BOSS, unlimited refresh mobs, use of blood-sucking skills, mobs 400,000 each experience, eat double 800000, eat three times the 120 experience, four mobs a group, unlimited refreshed. into the open after the BOSS BOSS turned and ran when the hop hop, so all call this technique jumpingcastlethis.

Two old people spend money to help you open the door, knock first entry BOSS, turn right, hit four small room key, took the elevator downstairs to get the point in the middle door and NPC dialogue, in the elevator up, inside BOSS door has been opened. Double open group own trumpet, double not open, set a friend's number, so you can jump in a copy of the infinite, if dead, then, starting from the copy, so long as the two numbers are not dropped, has been able to hang on to maintenance. In addition,in order to better play equipment skills you need to buy Aion Kinah currently.

1.Positioning: There are two ways, first, went to the local station from the innermost BOSS door, straight to this method, with BOSS brush, it is very vulnerable to attack, so I generally do not choose. Second, laps, Rao whole region, when running a large circle, or cis or counterclockwise, not on the stage, ran into a circle.

2.the deceleration: the BOSS head mark it, sometimes cut run, ctrl + tab can directly cut back BOSS, slow down a good CD, it should give the BOSS, so keep the distance and the BOSS is very important, not too close, it will beaten BOSS and mobs, too far, you can not subtract BOSS.

3.Vampire: BOSS put ankle skills immediately went far BOSS put deceleration, then Rao games laps, try to make yourself and BOSS mobs in the middle, mobs hit you, tap on the blood-sucking skills, because of the small strange sometimes resist, you tap on the vampire, four mobs generally not all die, give yourself one or two life insurance mobs.

4.eating rolls and double reel run. The run volume and double or triple the volume on the skill bar, BOSS skills before and after the release of the ankle, and you will change back to human form, time is very short, see ankle skills, first put a deceleration to BOSS, then turned volume or experience to run mad volume.

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