"ArcheAge" Four Races Hidden Special Skills

There are many MMORPG online games are suitable for a "race" this element. The so-called race where each character has their different appearance of the image and the ability to attribute values. Then the "ancient Century" in also can experience the personality distinct ethnic roles,Simultaneously they are different in the archeage gold. Between these races were added which features elements of content Let us introduce you.

The role of the three races three measurements:elves, humans, Bailey (also translated, Ferre).

Four races four measuring gender roles Appearance:elves, Hariharan, Belle (also translated, Ferre), human.


Take a deep breath: the water can breathe a lot of time will increase.

Memory part: "Space Mobile Book" can use memory location sites will increase a lot.

Elf race body lungs location space is certainly greater than other ethnic roles. Such physical conditions in the water so that they can accomplish many tasks. The memory of the sub-skills can be put up memories of historical events past and then at any time be able to understand the contents of the various events.


I really want to go home: back to the city to display their skills repetition time will be shorter.

Anxious mood: felling trees, picking flowers and time will be shortened.

The actual game has a lot of MMORPG scroll back to the city or skills can be used. Especially in the "ancient Century" game focal point of each village has a lot of tasks. This time to return to the city to reuse skills shortened upgrade efficiency but also allows players to become more rapidly.

Hariharan race is very efficient, they are to gather materials, production machinery and tools have strong strength.

Bailey (Ferre)

Flexible landing: jumping from a high place down when the impact will be reduced a lot.

Foot caught erected: a sharp foot caught in trees and ladders to allow him to quickly move up.

Role Ferre ethnic hand agility, jumping from a high place in his region to the ground when the fee will not be greatly hurt blood values. This is because he can catch their feet in time to control the landing.

Nu Yian(Human)

Nui blessings of the goddess: "resurrection" of the effect is enhanced (BUFF).

Before sunset: residential and castle construction time will be shortened.

Inherit the blessings of the goddess of death Nui race, she added, "Resurrection" skill. Currently this skill can make the role of vitality and vigor restored to about 20%. It should be said that the skills become role adding to Nuyi An energetic up. And she's viability and ability to adapt is very strong. Their efficiency is very fast, so Nuyi An ethnicity is a smart choice for one of the players of the object.

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