Elder Scrolls 5 Task Strategies

Extension is divided into:

Seventeen devils series of tasks (actually fifteen series of tasks).

Devil has good and evil, each task is very exciting.

We will got a deil after a task to be completed. and some amazing fun, some are evil.

Four guild series of tasks (thieves Association, the Master Institute, comrades group, Dark Brotherhood)

The four tasks can also be done at the same time and the All-Canadian. The task is long.

Thieves highly recommended priority, which can help you improve someone unlock and sneak like.

Ally group, which is a group of werewolves, you join them will become a werewolf so carefully .

But it seems to be able to change back after the finish.

There change to be a vampire. This is not a task. But it was fun. You go to a place where have vampires, and fight with them, not to kill them, have been giving their own blood until you are infected with the blood-sucking heat, scrapping them.

Then a few days you will change to be a vampire, white body, red eyes, afraid of sunlight (exposure to the sun scorched will be issued Zizi sound, and the half blood). Field stealth strengthened. You can also stealth, seduction of mankind and so on. Only regular vampire to hold human appearance. Probably at least three days to vampire again. It is too much trouble, the others must be asleep in bed when vampire, was found to be alert at night. If you do not vampire, then, the development would to be hideous face, ears sharpened to the devil and so on. the villages will hit you when find you. If you can not enter the village is very troublesome. But it is fun, it is worth to try. Remove vampires is also doing a task.

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