Elder Scrolls Online Wizard Build Flash Game Experience

For the Wizard, most of them will spend a lot of time to study magic, also destined Most players choose this career is relatively affluent economy, they do not need to spend that time as the general audience to earn ESO Gold. But not every day robed wizard is doing research. Check out our new recommendations build.

Osartos Saturo, is not a focus and wizard wand and light armor. Although he has been incredible power from destruction spells, but he still likes to taste the blood of the enemy, he uses dual wield and the armor to keep his melee attack speed. When the situation is urgent, he can use the power to dodge and storm played out his enemies.

Although he may lack focus and wizards thieves cautious, but his skills will maximize output and dual-wielding wizard, which allows him to kill multiple enemies in an instant flash of his. He clearly did not like the defense, so he needs to kill the enemy as soon as possible. In the more difficult dungeons, he needs a healer teammate and someone to help him attract the attention of a monster.

Whirlwind every good DPS will need to be able to face multiple enemies, this skill allows a sorcerer to slaughter storm blowing enemies

Osartos surge may not wear light armor, but he is still Stormcaller wizard, with this skill, it can be attached to the energy of lightning on his sword

Endless anger to empty the blood of the beheaded enemies using technology, and beheaded cause AOE damage, and magic can be restored, you can strike again

Only a quick strike at the enemy's situation, use this skill

Thunder comes when surrounded by the enemy, this skill can make you more strong, you can first release the surge and thunder coming and then join the fight.

The second skill bar

A comparison of the first set of skills alone, the second set is for the team battles skill. He even gave up most of the dual wielding skills, it became a focus of magic shaman. But he will still use the Sword Specialization skills to assist his teammates, such as flash. In order to do more damage, he uses elements of crystal fragments and unstable walls, but only in the periphery of the battlefield, only the second set of skills. Most of the time, people who love this build are red in the flesh-cutting front.

Ultimate Skills: Power Overload

Use when the situation was or rapid decline in blood the skills, of course, you can always use him, to experience the thrill of using this powerful magic.

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