Archeage Logging Point Field Distribution And Species

Archeage's wood are very popular, as do a lot of things need timber, we can not do without timber, but most players are mostly in logging as the main life skills, everyone except themselves use archeage gold to buy saplings to plant trees, there are a species is their logging into the fields, and I also like to go outside their own logging.

It is divided into two trees, one that is not fruit trees, such as cedar, ebony, pine, cypress, white birch, hybrid poplar, and so on. the number of such trees felled logs get very much belongs to the best felled logs trees felled absolute priority. Such logs obtained by felling trees is very much, is the best trees felled logs, felled absolute priority. The other is able to bear fruit trees, such as rubber trees, apple trees, vines etc...Mature trees can gather fruit, but also be able to cut, but deforestation requires a lot of labor and get little logs, it is generally the final cut or not to cut.

If you want to be able to log some more? That you can go to look at cutting tall, thick trees on it. Eastern wild trees continent rather special, first eastern woods continent very much, however, trees can be collected rarely, not even the Western continent more trees, and because of the climate, Eastern continent many fruit trees, such as rubber trees, banana, cacao, etc., these trees are collected mainly fruit, a small number to obtain the actual felled logs.

If it is in the Western, then certainly preferred the wild snow forest logging, this map is simply loggers' Holy Land, Many types of wild trees, refresh the number is very large, in particular figure beech, miscellaneous poplar, white birch, cedar, beech trees and oaks these types, when you free you can walk around it, usually have a lot of harvest.

As for the rest of the map, trees are not centralized, dispersed in the corner of each map, however, due to the western's climate is very suitable, the number of trees for the whole lot.

Then there are a lot of "old wood" in ancient forest of eastern, this tree collection requires a lot of labor, but only to a small amount of wood, it is not particularly suitable, but if you do not care about the number of logs and want to improve as quickly as possible the skills, you can cut down and the tree is all over the map.

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