Archeage PVP Experience, Skills In The Use Of Displacement

Archeage, more and more emphasis on the use of displacement pvp skills, there is displacement in order to better avoid the accused, hit and run opponents, especially those lacking skills displacement effects appear to hide, though not explicitly stated skills panel, but in the long term indeed there have been in use also used before. Learning skills in the game is not easy, and also takes a lot of cheap archeage gold. So when you choose your displacement skills, you must consider carefully.

First, the assassination of talent - Backflip

This skill first impression is not good, the feeling is just a short distance after the jump opened. But with the increase in the number and use of other talented complement each other, gradually determined to be a lot of useful skill! Can be opened only after the jump distance with the opponent can also prompt skills with some talent, even after some of proficiency can also dodge control skills...

Second, the assassination of talent - Blur Step

Locking follow formula Teleport incidental property, good luck can reset CD. Features that appear directly behind the other, eliminating some of the skills required in each other's back after the launch take place around the time, more common in the assassin's continuous control skills; a copy of the release of this skill can also reduce the value of hatred. At the same time according to the skills of a locking feature for rapid boarding, but to find a good angle to avoid obstacles.

Third, the assassination of talent - Impalement

Control, attack, close one set of practical skills, with dizziness after the assassination of surprise opponents also can chain down + seal opponents physical skills, but the skills disadvantage is just 10 meters from the release of the hit rate and higher.

Fourth, will the talent - Flash

No trace of the displacement of skills, displacement distance of 15 meters. After the jump, and fly different from the trajectory displacement thorns, Blink often make the opponent by surprise, especially behind the opponent to flash in a short time because of our opponents more toward error and can not be attacked. Mix with stealth stronger after the jump, because after the jump placement can be captured, stealth that pits father completely reclusive process and close escape was discovered almost make meaningless.

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