Elder Scrolls Online novice career choice guidance

Beginning Tamriel survival trip, choice of occupation for a novice players tend to be people feel troubled. After the game Build mode, unlike we previously played a MMO game either Elder Scrolls Online Gold. So, if you really think it is necessary on this issue at the tangle, please believe that the premise of the following principles, read this article.

1. Forget the name of the occupation, called occupational names will produce very large misleading the novice, will they be interpreted as four kinds you can only choose one's talent can be. Your career envisaged (mad war, shield war, thieves, hunters, etc.) does not have any direct relationship with them. In the following, I would deliberately use this word to denote occupation gift.

2. Do not believe the rumors of others property income conclusions as "very good use of magic festival", "T want to do the job more heap armor", income properties is limited details Build the parties, not one is concerned. For example, for a career full of light, Brighton festival magic passive income will be poor, such as heavy armor Nordisk mage armor earnings lightning very bad shape.

3. This game would not exist too IMBA's Build, because when he IMBA, he will be nerf out.

Knowledge base: Read ESO in skills may make you feel kind of castles in the air (even proposed participated beta, it does not mean that all the skills you have tried), but the proper understanding, at least let you figure out what they are use, what is the meaning of their existence, is to control, is to reduce injuries, or just to enhance the output buff.

Weapon Skills: The choice of weapons, more in line with our traditional understanding of the MMO career. For example, you hope you are a MT, then the sword and shield is your choice; if you want the free edge of the battlefield, but also do not want to use magic, bow and arrow would be a good choice; of course if you want to become a glorious nurse, ah Ha, you'd better use the recovery wand.

Precautions: 1, in the game before the middle do not skimp on the weapon skill invest skill points to an earlier form of contact with advanced weapons and skills, for more help you understand this weapon. 2. Do not put too much weapon skill points, specialization is more useful to you.

Vocational skills (four talent skills): Because, whether it is armor or weapons, can be arbitrarily changed during the game, so it is easy to make career choices you more tangled, if you want to completely understand the characteristics of the four talent, read a profession of all active and passive skills, It is a necessary thing.

Precautions: 1. Tangled resource consumption gains meaningless, as the skills to make my every 1 mana, damage caused by 0.21, if the enemy's blood is below 20%, the earnings will be expanded to 1.06 points of damage. Because the growth of each different skills, you just need to care about this skill is used to do, what are the characteristics of the line. The growing skill is reasonable, I believe Z club more than you care about this issue. Obviously, the skills mentioned above, is used beheaded, understanding in this way, would be sufficient. 2. Focusing on skills, advanced form, they might be more mediocre ordinary stage, but advanced form, they may be more powerful than you think.

Armor Skills: Armor active skills more obvious style, light armor shields, in armor and heavy armor dodge-free control. The passive skills, magic light armor more attention to earnings, the armor even more agile-based bias, heavy armor and more emphasis on defense and reply, it is worth noting that the point was not too right.

Other skills: In fact, in the Build process, the use of other public skill line is also very important, so read other skills line is also a necessary process, but we're talking about career choices novice, in view of public use and combination of skills for you to choose a occupational little effect, so much to do here to discuss.

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