Away From Pirate Camp, Coral Coast Remove Evil Task Explanation

Archeage trial system is a very interesting gameplay, players will have a variety of PK crime value when they are doing production and during activities such as the PK, for example: stealing food, malicious PK and so on. When crime value reaches a certain value, and is after players kill, it will be tried. So the focus here! How to remove crime value, to avoid being tried it? Tell me what you read on, please!

There is an NPC called "spiritual purification seekers" in Coral Coast has a beach, to complete his daily tasks can eliminate the 30 points crime value and criminal record.

Accept his mission "recycle rubbish of sea." The task is very simple, and paid 5 task items can be. After collecting the next task items into the "spiritual purification seekers" is complete, note: You can only take one task items, so be turned over five times.

After back and forth five times so your task is complete, handed the task later you will find that you are less than 30 points and convictions of sin. Sin reaches or exceeds 50 points, will enter the wanted state, in the meantime, once the kill other players, it will be tried.

Crime value or exceeds 3,000 points from the original forces will eventually enter the pirate camp, to this time, even if it took more Archeage gold can not eliminate crime value, I hope you do not carry out a malicious act!

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