ArcheAge Career Choices TIPS

Even ancient century open for so long, many novice players face 10 kinds of talent 120 kinds of occupation is still in a state of confusion, because the traditional warrior priest mage all three occupations. So I offer some information on occupational choice, and no one more than anyone else is not necessarily strong, this is the information ahead of time points only.

Open 55 skills, elemental damage greatly increased, resulting in a large number of occupational illusionist + elements. The illusion of having control and floating longest sleep, what does it mean? After being able to control each other quietly read a large meteorite skill +5 Ray, former crit 12,000 injuries, which are not less than the whole 10000. Basically dead or disabled.

So the question arises: how long restraint control is the choice of occupation, a very important factor. 10 talent, only fighting and magic have to lift and lower than sleep + floating skills. That is one of those who are not gifted illusionist fighting and occupation, experience the above Master on GG.

So, like 1V1 Arena friends remember to consider this point. Then, 55 open and also open the Obsidian series equipment. In this connection, mixed repair, upset feasible.

Talent Analysis: talent actually 10 categories by type into attack, defense class, auxiliary classes are as follows:

Attack talent first step: Fighting, element, wild, used to define the ancient warrior, mage, archer.

The second step Attack Talent: assassinations, death, because it is usually not two as the main output, are designed to interlock and auxiliary exist.

Defensive talent: the iron wall, it will, used to define the partial physical defense or magic defense

Supporting talent: MTX travel, life, magic, used to define the team BUFF, milk vigorously, cursing control.

So the choice of occupation: Full attack or the main attack, not is not recommended, especially beginners, because you hold water, then a high output of no use.

Featured Occupation: full defense or main defense, balance is king!

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