Archeage Novice Raiders - Detail Tips

Archeage experienced the first test, the divine test, priesthood beta testing and navigation season four tests. For many old players in mind is this:! Good game takes time, love is also required if everyone on the AGE is love, so please be patient, soon to July. Today I begin to list some tips of the game, so after all new players into the game, you can avoid some unnecessary trouble! Thank you for sharing.

East and West is hostile relations, language is not the same, so in the wild, but to see people whos is hostile continent, do not try to seek him to let you go, because he sees what you're saying is garbled.

Do not stand wild hook, do not think that is a safe area on the right, there are naughty players will use bullock carts to launch your safe zone and kill you!

When your wagon or ship stuck in what position the other players can not move or be robbed, do not panic, first stood on board or in the car, and then use the generic skills from inside the car, was re-call you appear in front of you at this time can sit up. (This skill range is 20 meters, so it will certainly be enough distance from his chariot, but cd rather long, it should not use general or locked car!)

Crops planted in the field will be stolen, some friends say can report, there will be red footprints, but hostile continent is not illegal to steal, so if planted in the field, remember to harvest.

Do not ever think that you find a very secluded place kind of thing, others will not find. There is no place to others can not be found, because many people are looking for can be grown without being found a place, then you will find orchard.

Hang gliding is a time limit of three minutes, after that will automatically close up, and then want to take a few seconds to open the cd again, so flying is good, pay attention to time, but wild talent has a skill called vacated power, can in the air to stop a few seconds, you can open again the glider.
Oxygen bottles on the vessel allows you to breathe underwater, but also pay attention to the equipment column, load items of information exists only eight minutes, eight minutes is over, if you did not notice, dive too deep and you will sink the sea.

If you encounter piracy and robbery at sea, if you get away, so the first thing you do is bang before he shells to collect your boat dive boat, stealth is better, because a state of war is not to close the ship, and Parcels you that money is not enough repair. If you are trading ships and fishing boats on the backpack stock run! Stock closed not only to abandon ship, to ensure a package is a package.

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