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Unconsciously, LOL hero already has 125 members, but also has a large number of beautiful heroine. They looks beautiful, elegant, refined image, body moving, each have their own fans. So, what LOL in which the heroine has the most beautiful back then? And together with the small series inventory the many beautiful candidate bar.

A wild call Nidalee: League say most wild women, than sometimes travel incarnation cheetah jungle, sometimes dressed in dresses dancing Nidalee of. Childhood living in the jungle Nidalee, is by no means an obedient little house cat, but wild and sexy avatar, her charm, is not that like a gentle and virtuous wife and mother, but in their and born with intense freshness. Her back is different, not the slim and elegant, but agile and outbreak, it seemed that The Catcher in the Rye, loneliness and danger associated with the infinite and mysterious. When she was transformed into a cheetah, that unique back even more impressive blend of man and beast beauty Nidalee, is indeed the most beautiful back LOL strong candidate.

Fortunately, Miss Fortune: The same wild beauty show in Nidalee leopard female body and show the best of Miss Fortune but different. Compared to Nidalee childhood lost their parents, Miss Fortune this has a happy family, but the arrival of pirates make it all returns to nothing, ruins, wreckage, this scene of destruction left her a huge impact. She is also determined to avenge the embodiment of the pirate battle over the waters will own wild, luck and beauty spread to every corner of the continent of Rune. She is more like a body, according to Vanves fate of beauty, even though the may not hall, the kitchen may not be, but it will bring good luck to others. Her back doped wild and free pirate, but does not seem debauchery, guns in hand, deter the criminals of all kinds of evil.

Three silent gentle Sona: Although unable to speak, Sona elegant and gentle, but not consequent slightly less. Say miserable life experience, harps fairy Sona is really very big play of pity, from infancy was sent to the orphanage AO Virginia, silent but lonely life growing up, and she'll stay in Just around that support guqin. This life experience also gave birth to the Sona unique gentle, she would not say something flashy lies, will not live as a pompous empty show, she will use their sincerity and action to express love, with music and harps to express tenderness sections. This woman will inevitably have a more attractive silhouette, indifferent and elegant, extraordinary and moving, her back just like everywhere passers-by, a glimpse, but it can be left to people endless thoughts and imagination.

Four noble demigods Soraka: Between man and God, always seems to have a variety of membrane, resulting in love between man and God can always be widespread. In fact, Soraka although expensive for demigods, never never changed their kindness and love. When Noxian the flames of war throughout AO Virginia, Virginia AO when good people displaced, the slaughter, will evolve into true God Soraka gave up into God's own opportunity, with their divine curse Alchemist vicious Warwick, will he change became ugly werewolf. Therefore eligible remorse of Soraka lost to God's opportunity to demigod attitude led to establish the Institute of War, committed to maintaining stability and peace in the continent of Rune. Her back is so refined and noble, under the Holy Radiance, people can not help students from a feeling ashamed.

Every hero has its own unique charm, their backs also have their own impressive place, Who is your mind the most beautiful that one? Let us see the outcome in the arena War College bar.

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