SWTOR just a game and not a movie

BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka has said, listing "Star Wars:The Old Republic" will have a profound impact on the gaming industry. "This BioWare, EA and Star Wars fans is a historic moment, we are confident that people feel the wait was worth it." Star Wars Old Republic "will accompany the players to spend a lot of weeks, a lot of months and future number of years in which the story line and individual choice online games will change people's inherent fundamental understanding, especially in high-quality dubbing and screenwriter respect. "" Star Wars:The Old Republic "is the largest in the history of an EA Games, spent more than 100 million US dollars to build, develop more than three years.

When we see these news and data, we have reason to believe, SWTOR future is bound to a successful game going on, not only is the game itself playability and excellent properties, more importantly, SWTOR from the outset.It has a large user base, yes, "Star Wars" series films fans. I believe that every fan will have when they hear the Star Wars games are very excited, inevitable, no matter how the game itself is made, they will experience the first time, this is the prevalent theme in itself to bring the advantages of the game.

Of course, the game is not just a movie. The game is more like a microcosm of society, in the game you can find different people in the community, whether you are a politician, or a businessman, or an ordinary worker, or police and doctors, people play different roles, but you can be in the game found. The game you may want to continue to enhance the level of exploring the world, needs to continue to make swtor credits for sale, even if you need to add some groups to get more help. But in the movie, these are not the focus, you just need to follow the director and screenwriter of ideas to go on it.

Maybe this will give us a lot of inspiration, the game is just a game, movie or other related elements of pop just a theme to the game platform to help it bring the game more popular. May be a good game, it succeeds what more is that it allows a player becomes a kind of person which he can not become in real life, not in the film director and screenwriter of those fictional characters

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