The Spoils System In Blade and Soul Auction Is The Best & Worst Idea

MMO Blade and Soul Korea last week made a huge division, when finally more than 1 million users achieved was launched in the West and in a few days. The game has many features that dozens of World of Warcraft clones that have been published in the last twelve years stand out. It is particularly interesting, however, as Blade and Soul dungeon loot. Each time a high quality item falls into a black hole, a window sales, in which the objects found are listed appears.

Then the playlist of an item at a time, giving players the opportunity to offer play money in transmitting a turnover of limited duration. If the item is something that a player wishes, he or she can enter a bid and the timer starts. Other games then you can enter your own auction, and every time a higher bid is made, the timer starts again. This continues until the group timer permanently or until all other steps in the auction runs.

The player who won the bid gets the item and the money you spend for it is divided between the rest of the group. If no one bids, the item will be destroyed and distributed (ridiculously cheap) the present value of the group. What makes this system so interesting is that there are players who do not receive an object, even a kind of compensation in the form of currency in the game.

In many other MMOs, when a player loses an item in a dungeon, you may end up leaving with nothing. While many players prefer winning the item you want to get more coins, the payout is a good consolation prize and the highest Outbid someone, the more money you get from it at the end. The auction also give significant change in many MMO game like World of Warcraft, they are struggling.

For example, World of Warcraft has continued, new pans, Blade and Soul Gold presented as ways to remove large amounts of money in the game. Essentially gold sink is an object or a service, in which the game of money paid will be removed from the game and will not be transferred to another player. These include armor repair costs, revenues of the profession, the auction house auction fees, and so on.

But even with all these wells gold, rich in World of Warcraft has become more or less sense at higher levels, they are involved in the game only a few mandatory costs. Blade and Soul has its own gold is also dipped, but the dam is the auction system, even when distributed in the currency of the game, it is always useful, especially at higher levels.

Of course, while the sales system Dam auction can be good for veteran players who have accumulated a lot of wealth, could increasingly difficult for new players who can not compete with the highest bids. The auction system booty is also incredibly easy for avid gamers and malicious use. There are some commercial items that fall within the dungeons, which are necessary to upgrade your weapon, and since it is possible to go through the dungeon several times without seeing the item you want, some unscrupulous players can decide on the subject to be redeemed with a higher bid on it, but really do not want.

This forces people who need this product Overpay what the rest of the group gives a higher payment of money, or give up the objects, which could mean more work before seeing Dungeon fall again. Party leaders can also take advantage of inattentive players to change loot rules increase the minimum bid items before anyone realizes. Another problem is that the auction is usually done just before the next section of a dungeon, but through the door immediately below. Among the offers.

This means that players of who have one or more existing objects, must be maintained until the auction has ended, and players who do not want the items must fight either themselves and may die or waiting off, call group offers. If NCsoft Corporation, the developer behind Blade and Soul ways to solve these problems, more players to embrace the idea behind the dam at the auction, but as it stands at present, imperfect system is better.


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