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The first experience World of Warcraft Gold, World of Warcraft Legion begins and players now have the chance to win a lot of resources, gold, reputation and equipment. Here's how to start. Now that World of Warcraft: Legion is live for a few weeks, many MMO fans have easily reached the new level cap of 110 and are high-level special points busy preparing for raids on the Emerald Nightmare.

In addition to performing dungeon of 5 people, is one of the fastest ways to increase ilvL scores World of Warcraft to complete quests that unlock the world in 110 days, players have to grind again more incentives than usual, due to the broken special missions islands. This week is special bonus events start World of Warcraft. Like most other events of WoW, this legion is centered in the limited time available opportunity available for a few days just before the turn.

Reputation earned during the event to 50% compared to the character of the outfall, which means it increases the perfect opportunity to gain new features and complete some World of Warcraft services with great rewards. If you are fresh to the maximum level (congratulations), there are some things you need to take care of yourself before you start. Missions to unlock the world, players must reach friendly reputation all areas Quebradas Islands.

This task is performed by the zones of 100-110, but many players to do a little more work in Suramar after they took 110 is recommended to adjust the experience bar high reputation in the search, so you can track how close it is to use. Once this task is completed, players can visit Dalaran Khadgar accept the mission that opens the world of missions.

World of Warcraft To start the event, players of start the World of Warcraft. The search can be collected in Dalaran by Archmage Timear, but players must be able to accept it in your tab adventure guide without Dalaran to visit. Once accepted, players can Missions 20 in the world in the broken islands winning 5000 Order resources used can be achieved improvements or completed in the classroom. The reputation naturally accumulate during those 20 missions through the experience of events. The heartbeat increases each area offers a host of awards including special toys, animals and income.

With unconfirmed reports that 10 million users play Legion, it seems that WoW is back on track after some rocky years. The MMO never seen a peak of activity began a new expansion, so it will be interesting to see how much time is spent in the Legion after reaching 110 invested. World of Warcraft missions are certainly good reasons to connect, so things to a good start.


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