The details of the upgrade system in war of the worlds

In "Guild Wars 2" piece of information to upgrade the system in the world battle each strategic objective will usher in a major change. Players will be able to strengthen the forts and towers, build more solid walls, add more guards. Today to tell you about the "Guild Wars 2" Improved information on the film War of the Worlds fortress upgrade system and the ability of the system.

Improve the world battle system upgrades:

· Upgrade no longer need to spend supplies.

· Supply store ceiling and the number of each shipment of reducing supply.

· Upgrade no longer need to spend gold.

· Single upgrade project was incorporated into various upgrade categories.

· An up category over time will be automatically upgraded to the next level.

· There are two camps each upgrade category, there are three other strategic objectives.

· Spend time longer than the lower premium upgrade stage.

· Stone yak caravan shipment of supplies to reduce the time required to upgrade.

· The total time required for the upgrade and now basically the same.

For example, when the read team occupied by a tower later, "to protect the tower," the event timer starts immediately. Whenever the team stone yak caravan arrived at the tower, the timer is reduced to five minutes. As long as the Reds continued control tower, 20-40 minutes later, an upgrade automatically. The specific time depending on how many caravans arrived safely destination. After an upgrade is completed, the tower bonuses immediately: stone walls, pan, businessmen and the upper limit increase supply store. This process is repeated until the rose to the highest level.

In addition to these improvements, guard post will be strengthened. The guards can pin down the enemy sentry stone yak caravan, and slowing the pace of upgrading various strategic objectives. Thus, the control path from the camp to recharge between strategic objectives can bring more in return, to ensure the success of stone yak can resupply become more important. As a player does not have to take the supply still left to consider the problem of supply, do not have to worry about the upgrade would be subjected to criticism from others, of course, also need to consider the question of guild wars 2 gold.

Improve capability system in war of the worlds:

In order to reduce the difficulty of the ability to upgrade the branch, so that most of the world war level is below 300 players can also benefit, while adjusting some of the weaker, and some appear to be mandatory capability branch, designers have made some improvements.

· "Guard against" and "guard predators" these two ability branches of the total number of stages is reduced from 10 to five.

· Remove the "indomitable spirit" and "real power" of these two effects.

· Additive effect of each branch provides the ability to upgrade to a 2% to 10% from the original 1% to 5%.

· Each siege weapon can branch needed to reduce the total number of points from 75 points to 60 points.

· "Supply capacity" This branch needed to reduce the total number of points from 300 points to 145 points.

· "Supply master" and "mercenaries of the disaster," the total number of points still needed 15 points.

· Total capacity of the five branches of the desired unity of ability points 35 points.

· Total capacity of the four branches of the desired unity of ability points 15 points.

Originally "guard against" and "guard predators" will provide "indomitable spirit" and "real power" two powerful effect of these two branches rose to the highest post. But will cause players to invest an initial 230 points only to the ability of these two branches, others provide only some of the bonus percentage branch becomes more weak.So,the "guard against" and "guard enemies." these series will be reduced to five, and removes the "indomitable spirit" and "real power."

Finally, when people reach 80,they will use the experience bar at bottom of the screen to record experience of the war of the world,rather than using the blue experience bar current at top of the screen.

"Guild Wars 2" in the new expansion will be presented to you a richer experience of the world war. Then welcome to the players concerned more "Guild Wars 2" piece of content coverage, so stay tuned!

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