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It is said that eating way home after a night Yrrak the Vil, once met with the King of Orcs, Malaut and tricked him into climbing a tree culture. The wily Yrrak engraved with signs of Auros in the bark so that the Devil catching Malaut. The Yrrak cunning drunk, but then reached an agreement with Mr. empire horizon now covered with forests and very angry soul would never guaranteed by the fear Reich said.

How is good orc with a card bearing the free devil, Yrrak then led a life of sin to drink and be, therefore, denied entry to eternal hall after his death either. Mischievously fulfill his promise Malaut also refuses to let Yrrak at twilight Kingdom and throws a ball of fire billowing born from the flames of hell for him. The feeling of undead cold and Limbo in its member states Yrrak entangles the fire and put the coal in a hollowed-out turnip to keep it out.

From Yrrak and flickering lantern wandering in the dark areas to find a place to drown their sorrows. The tradition making the stay to scare the eve of All Saints by the dark and evil spirits. It is the pumpkin sale season, and the crowd on farms can pick your own jack-o'-lanterns choose. I become your reach?

Well, that through the end of the scariest week of the year, we have a collection of brushes purchased directly from the halls of the cathedral is inspired. These brushes have the most evil and corrupt, banquets pollination dead runners, and ghoulish gatherings known in Agon countries. the dust is swept, it is enough to make your skin crawl. Now come to shout from the bottom of the cathedral, ready to strip fight in the depths of the night!

Prepare to fight. The world is a dangerous place with abnormal shadows lurking aberrations. Each month brings a challenge, and this month probably...creepy. The wind is cold, and the atmosphere is pretty scary. A strange presence permeates the air of Agon, we have not experienced before...The villagers noticed a movement night pumpkin. I dragged some of our metaphorical chain?

Definitely, Maybe is the legend of Jack-O-Lantern is not so crazy, maybe you have a few around, after all, feels! Start darkfall gold 33% and let us know what is really happening in Agon. Take advantage of our free weekend, from Friday 30 to Monday 1.


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