Final Fantasy XIV: Expansion Heavensward Ruft Limited Edition PlayStation Alles

Sony has some heavy promotion for the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the title to Heavensward. Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward comes out on 23 June and 2 colors are different lasered get PS4 packages with a hard top and a dynamic menu PS4 theme. There will also be a variant of television and Playstation PS Vita.

Colors 2 for Final Fantasy XIV: Heavenward PS4 black ffxiv gil edition and elegant jet-option and an equally elegant silver-white glacier limited option.The package includes special Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward PS4 dynamic menu item, and the ability to have one of the three versions of the game: the regular edition, the Collector's Edition, or Final Fantasy XIV Online.

Normal Edition Final Fantasy XIV: This includes the game itself, as well as items in the game Reif Baron, Barron slope, and Minion: Chocobo Choco Flyer. The buyer will also get quick access to the contents of the expansion in the air a few days before the publication date.

Edition of Final Fantasy XIV Collector: This edition has all the art and the special box above, a cover of the reversible jacket, a high dragon character, an art book titled "The Art of Eorzea - Heavensward" ride, a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Trailer Blu-Ray collection entitled - and a load of additional elements in the game These include Griffin flying mount, helmet Baron (Dark Knight Cecil view), one "Eorzia in Motion one Revisited kingdom." wind favorite Cain, and Fantasia potion.

Final Fantasy XIV Online: This is the digital download of the game and spend the same pre-order bonus than normal.

PS Vita Bundle (wow, Sony continues to promote PS Vita, who knew) a model of PS Vita White with a special Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward sleeve. It comes with a download code for the Heavenward special menu item and cost about $168

Finally, the PlayStation TV bundle has a Playstation TV White model and the requisite Heavensward-themed sleeve, and the download code to another Heavensward special menu theme. The Value Pack version has a DualShock 3 White controller and costs more than the normal version

The expansion Heavenward moved to the region in the bloody Ishgard, thousand-year war against the country Dravinia dragon is becoming a key plot point. Another point of the expansion will be fighting Wyrmking Thordan Twelve and his knights.

Square Enix's fourth city-state, the Holy See Ishgard and several new, exciting new debates, new high-end raids, new equipment, new recipes, new bright blimps, fresh cuts and employment areas, and also a new type of in-Ra, which are divided into the peaceful and warlike Raen Xaela.

Specific additions are the working class and flying mounts Dark Knight as black chocobo. There are six varieties flying mount, with a seventh on the road may, depending on the reaction of the fans. Square Enix also plans versions dirigibles single pilot and multi-rider.

The new city Ishgard is governed by an archbishop with four noble houses and physically divided to separate the privileged classes of commoners. The expansion Heavenward map opens as previously inaccessible areas excluded Coerthas Highlands Dravinia other animal root domains.

The new animal phyla as "gnath" and the famous "Vana Vana." The gnath a call Ur 'Ravana' a laser sword-wielding mistake. The Vana Vana of Ur is the "Bismarck".

Finally, the player level cap will increase 50-60.You can also use the Benchmark Final Fantasy XIV:Heavenward trailer, which shows how the expansion will be on a computer with the recommended specifications.

Finally, one can also see special trailer Square Enix "Ultimate Battle Final Fantasy XIV". Trailers specific joke used in the graphics and the assets of Final Fantasy XIV playing games to create a false fake keyword struggle trailer. As noted by Square Enix, "not implementing the anti-2D content is provided." You can verify this Final Fantasy Dissidia.

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