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Devilian is an online RPG PC, with a game against shock and cooperative play. The game has five "class" important, Berserker, Cañonero and Shadowhunter, each with their skills and enhance each other. Know them and know that everyone can be useful - also known as the Form and the experience of these Devilian. As the name suggests, in English, Berserker is one that works with, which takes advantage of the most angry and furious anger.

This is a fierce warrior who deals with his enemies at the base of pure and simple strokes, besides being naturally strong - and be even stronger on the basis of spells and additional strokes. The Berserker class uses a different energy from others for their actions, based on rage. The more you hit, the more this energy is full and can release more powerful and devastating enemy skills.

Devilian gold in shape where it becomes half-man, half-demon, which uses a huge two-handed sword, capable of heavy blows at once. In their specializations, the Berserkar can become Speedblade with quick attacks, prowler, a specialist in multiple and spell-like weapon, able to use magic around to step up attacks.

The gunboat is a character that has a large arsenal and firepower and will not hesitate to use it against their enemies, even in the most difficult moments. A warrior tiny, but that can be very scary for opponents. Its main advantage is to attack opponents remotely. In addition, its appearance can confuse: a delicate young and does not have much power in the struggle, but even annihilate the enemies before they see their arrival.

As expected, the gunner uses guns of different calibers to attack, and its way Devilian, it is even more lethal with a gigantic weapon. Specialties include Gunslinger, with more shooting speed per minute, Demolisher, with even greater fire power and opportunistic, which can lure enemies in specially prepared traps.

Evoker is a specialized elements of magical invocation Devilian class. She can throw fireballs, electric fields, water and ordering attacks everything that is around to face the horde of monsters that come after him. The Evoker has four major attacks, but can be more than five different in the Devilian mode. In it, the character is devastating, with unique spells and can direct your opponents even to other points on the map.

Specialties include control, which can manage the movement of enemies, Assault, attacking with multiple episodes simultaneously, and blast furnaces spells experts and high damage. A true master hunter and the dark arts, the Shadowhunter use them to attack their enemies without being seen. In addition, the character has in its favor, available for use, small arms and cause much damage.

The Shadowhunter makes his enemies to be attacked by groups of and with great skill. Its capabilities allow attacks with swords, shuriken or whips, which may include the area of ​​damage. On his way Devilian, the character becomes almost unbeatable spells to their existing mix attacks. Specialties include Shuriken, leaving even faster in the field, murder, more lethal than common scams and shady able to improve their attacks in the area and stealth.


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